• Before You Start
    Claim HEX with BTC or transform with ETH

    If you held BTC in a wallet on December 2, 2019 at the first block after 00:00:00 UTC, then you can mint HEX for yourself based on the amount of BTC you held at that moment. In order to do so, you need the following things to be true:

    1. Your BTC was in a wallet that you have the private keys for.
    2. Your wallet allows signing of custom messages, or you are comfortable importing your private keys to Electrum wallet to do so.
    3. You have Metamask installed in your browser and have an ETH address with a little bit of ETH in it (you only need a little bit; a couple dollars worth should be PLENTY for you to use HEX for a long, long time. You need it in order to interact with the HEX smart contract.

    If you're unsure about any of the above, or are just plain intimidated, don't worry, there is another great way to get some HEX by entering the Adoption Amplifier pool and transforming ETH to HEX. While you don't get to keep the ETH, the return tends to be massive compared to claiming with BTC.

    Let's do ETH instead...

    If, on the other hand, you're ready to claim your HEX with BTC, let's dig in (don't worry, you can do the Adoption Amplifier ETH transform too when you're done with the BTC claim).

  • Get Your Bonus!
    10% StakeHEX Bonus

    You are eligible for the StakeHEX 10% bonus, which will give you a bonus 10% HEX on all HEX claimed, as well as 10% on all HEX earned from the ETH transform. Note that it will replace any other affiliate bonus, not stack on top of it; check out the Bonus Terms for details if you like. Just click the button below, and you're all set!

    No signups, no forms, no fluff.

    Make sure to click the button in the same browser that you are claiming your HEX in. Once the new window opens and the HEX website loads, you can go ahead and close it and resume your work here.
    Make sure to use the pink Wallet button on the left at StakeHEX.com to renew your bonus each day.

    Secure My 10% Bonus!

  • Start Your Claim

    Always make sure that you are in the Official HEX wallet when you want to work with HEX; check the address bar that it has a padlock (or says "https://") and that the address is "go.hex.win". If you don't see that as the address, you may be the subject of a phishing attempt. Close the window, and open a new one for the correct address (use the wallet button on the left as a shortcut).

    Once you have confirmed you are in the right place, go to the "Claim" tab to being the making our claim.

    Enter your BTC address in the field, and you should see the amount of BTC that was in your wallet at the time of the snapshot.

    Click the "Claim This Address" button and you will see the wallet page fill up with all sorts of numbers. Don't worry, you only need to focus on a few.

  • Sign Your Claim Message
    Sign Your Claim

    The piece you need to focus on is at the left; you'll have time to look at the stuff on the right. Make sure that the Bitcoin Address matches the one you are claiming from, and the Ethereum Address matches the address you are wanting the HEX to be minted to.

    Copy the text in the field underneath (begins with "Claim_HEX_to_0x..."). That is the message that you're going to sign from your BTC wallet. It will tell the HEX contract that you own the BTC address, and what the Ethereum address is that the HEX should be minted to.

    Below is what the signing screen looks like in the Electrum BTC Wallet. Many popular wallets have the ability to sign messages; search the documentation on the wallet's website, or ask the community here if there are others wanting to sign from that wallet. Most hardware wallets also allow you to sign transactions with them through Electrum. Here is a list of hardware wallets with Electrum support. If yours does not, you may need to import your private keys to Electrum. Do that carefully. You might consider moving your BTC to another wallet and address before doing that, in case your private keys are accidentally exposed in the process (remember, the address just needed BTC in it at the time of the snapshot, now that that has passed, you can move the BTC elsewhere).

    You should paste the message you copied from the HEX wallet into the Message field and your BTC address (same one you are claiming from) in the Address field. Click Sign, and then copy the signature that was generated (bottom box in Electrum) and paste it into the Signature field in the HEX Wallet in your browser.

  • Set The AutoStake
    Finish Your Claim

    Momentarily after pasting the signature, the screen should change, allowing you to adjust how long you want your first Stake to last.

    It automatically stakes 90% of your claimed HEX, and you have to stake it for a minimum of 350 days; 50 weeks. The longer you stake, the bigger your returns! After this walkthrough, we'll show you how to open your first custom Stake, with all or some of your remaining free 10% HEX. As you adjust the length, you can see the estimated return values for the stake, depending on the length.

    When you're ready, click the "Submit Claim" button, and Metamask will popup asking you to confirm and sign the transaction.

    Once you've confirmed, if you go the Stakes tab, you will see that first auto-stake under the "Active Stakes" section.

    Congratulations! You completed your claim. If you have other addresses to claim, you can do those as well. You also have HEX available that was not part of the AutoStake; you can either Stake that as well, trade it with others, or give it to your friends... or just sit on it; but remember, Staking always pays more!

  • Final Steps
    HEX Rocks!

    If you want even more HEX, you can get it by entering the Adoption Amplifier pool, transforming ETH into massive amounts of HEX. Remember, the earlier you stake, the more your stack grows, so getting that HEX today makes all the difference. Now is the time; tomorrow you will have already missed out on some serious gains.

    Also, as long as you are claiming and transforming HEX, make sure to come back here first each day to renew your 10% bonus beforehand. It should roll over, but best to be safe and click the "Renew Bonus" button on the homepage.

    I Want More HEX Now

    If you're all done, make sure to sign up for an account and join the community!

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