Announcing the HEX Tool

Temporarily removed from stores as we make some improvements.

StakeHEX is proud to be providing the first HEX smartphone app to the HEX community. It's goal? To make it easy to help your friends and colleagues get involved by streamlining the journey for them to join the Adoption Amplifier pool. The app generates a QR code that your friend can scan to send ETH to the HEX contract, entering them into the Adoption Amplifier pool be able to claim their HEX and the end of the day.

The app is available for download for free, and we soon will be releasing a pro upgrade that will enable you to enter your own ETH address in the settings and you'll receive bonus HEX to that address for every person you refer through the app.

Have any questions? Thoughts? Let us know in the StakeHEX Community!

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