Announcing the HEX Tool

Re-released for 2020!

Need help claiming your HEX?

StakeHEX is proud to be providing the first HEX smartphone app to the HEX community: HEX Tool. Its goal? To make it easy to help your friends and colleagues get involved by streamlining the journey for them to join the Adoption Amplifier pool. The app generates a QR code that your friend can scan to send ETH to the Adoption Amplifier, entering them into pool be able to claim their HEX at the end of the day.

The app is available for download for free, and we soon will be releasing a pro upgrade that will enable you to enter your own ETH address in the settings and you'll receive bonus HEX to that address for every person you refer through the app.

Have any questions? Thoughts? Let us know in the StakeHEX Community!

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How does it work?

We have deployed two verified Smart Contracts that handle routing the ETH from a simple payable transaction to the HEX enterLobby function (for the Adoption Amplifier). Since most mobile wallets do not support QR codes with function data, we needed to build smart contracts that handle the interaction between a simple ETH transaction with the HEX smart contract functions. So, our Smart Contract (with its generated QR code) accepts two transactions:

  1. An ETH transaction (any amount) that takes all of the ETH sent and enters it into the Adoption Amplifier, remembering which address sent it.
  2. An 0 ETH transaction (NO value) that pulls any HEX awarded from the Adoption Amplifier and delivers it back to the sending address.

Why do we do it that way? To increase support to include any ETH wallets, so that you are not limited in who you can onboard and what wallets they have installed. We're all about inventive thinking to solve tricky problems, making sure as many people as possible can get involved with HEX. :-)

How Do I Claim My HEX?

If you already sent ETH through the HEX Tool app but can't figure out where your HEX is or how to get it, Don't Panic! Your HEX hasn't gone anywhere, and it won't go anywhere until you claim it back.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Note: Each Adoption Amplifier pool runs each day, closing at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC). If you sent your ETH today, you won't be able to claim your HEX until the end of the day when the pool closes. After that, you can claim it at any point (and re-enter with fresh ETH the next day!). It is 100% safe until you claim it.
  2. If the day you entered has come to a close, the way to retrieve your HEX is to send an empty transaction (0 ETH) to our smart contract from the same address you entered with. That will trigger it to pull any HEX you earned out of the pool and deliver it back to that address.
    Our smart contract address is 0xc8724647f45a1277B94Dd25271FDCfCd361ba092
    Make sure to increase the gas limit to at least 160,000 for that transaction.
  3. Next you can interact with the main HEX contract to Stake your HEX, either by hooking up your existing address to MetaMask using your seed phrase, or transfering the HEX to your MetaMask address (using a standard ERC-20 transfer call.)
  4. If you run into any difficulty, ask for help in the community section of the website!

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