HEX Is Launched!

Buy HEX With ETH!
Or Claim Using BTC Now
Let us help you familiarize you with the HEX Wallet...

Now that HEX is launched, we're more excited than ever! Come hang out in the StakeHEX Community, and check out our new HEX Wallet Walkthroughs to help you Claim Your HEX.

Visit the official HEX website for even more information about HEX.

Is StakeHEX the same as HEX?

Great question!
HEX is the new token launched by Richard Heart at hex.win.
StakeHEX.com is a resource for the HEX community, owned by StakeHEX LLC which was founded by Paul Hughes. Paul worked closely with the HEX team at various points of the token's development (you can see his picture on the main HEX website in the Team section), and created the simulator, which is now linked off of the main HEX website, to help people understand the promise of the HEX cryptocurrency.

So, in short, HEX is the cryptocurrency created by Richard Heart. StakeHEX is a separate entity and website created to support the larger HEX community. StakeHEX LLC is not affiliated with Richard Heart or the main HEX website.

From the StakeHEX team to you, Happy HEXing!

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