HEX Tool

The first HEX smartphone app!
Available for Android and iOS
New to HEX? Let us show you how to get involved.
HEX: The first blockchain certificate of deposit

HEX is the first cryptocurrency that rewards you for staking your holdings. In short, it pays you to hodl. HEX has been compared to certificates of deposit, as it allows you to stake your HEX, and pays you trustless interest depending on how much and how long you stake. Learn more about HEX on our What Is Hex? page.

What is StakeHEX? is a resource for the HEX community, owned by StakeHEX LLC which was founded by Paul Hughes. Paul worked closely with the HEX team at various points of the token's development, and created the HEX Simulator. StakeHEX has now launched the HEX Tool smartphone app, available for Android and iOS, which allows you to stay on top of HEX prices and easily get your friends and family involved in HEX.

If you'd like to learn more, join the conversation in the StakeHEX community!

From the StakeHEX team to you, Happy HEXing!

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