Stake Your HEX

Get ready for the first high-interest savings account on the blockchain.
Coming November 2019

Plan your strategy to maximize gains.

With the launch of the HEX cryptocurrency around the corner, it's a good time to prepare to claim your HEX and plan your staking strategy.

Not sure what this is all about? Check out our "What is HEX?" page to learn about the upcoming cryptocurrency.

The Staking Simulator is designed to give you the power to experiment with different staking and claiming plans. Should you stake all of your HEX for one year? Should you break it up into individual stakes, one lasting 6 months, another 1 year, and another 2 years? How much will ending your stake late affect your returns? Try it out!

You can learn more about HEX or you can visit the official HEX website for more information about HEX.

Other Details

The HEX Simulator is designed with some reasonable estimates (and it allows you to modify the general population's behavior in the Global Behaviors section), but any results should not be taken as firmly reliable. We won't know how people behave, claim, and stake until it happens, so even the best simulations may not anticipate all the behavior after launch. It should be used for personal brainstorming, super rough estimates, and just to have some fun with leading up to the HEX launch day. Enjoy!

StakeHEX is not affiliated with Richard Heart, the creator of HEX, or the main HEX website.